About BALI - Basic Application Language from Indonesia


BALI is the acronym for Basic Application Language from Indonesia. BALI is created in 2023 by Dr. Nathan Madutujuh, a well known engineering software development
from Indonesia with 35 years of programming experiences. Dr. Nathan Madutujuh combines all the good features of modern programming languages and the available
interactive application development environments to create BALI.

BALI is an interactive application development environment, consisting of code editor, graphical interface editor, run and debug engine. BALI provides many useful
objects to speed up software development process. Using BALI, a person can easily learn how to write a GUI based software in a very short time.


o Interactive Application Development Environment 
o GUI, Visual object based application development
o Visual object can be used directly inside the program
o Event drivent programming
o Easy language syntax
o No need to declare variable
o Built-in Timer
o Standard variable types
o Array and Table object type
o Standard control structures
o Complete Math functions
o String functions
o Text file functions
o MIDI object
o Vector and Matrix object
o Graphics module
o Multimedia module
o FEM module


BALI can be used for all ages, from primary student to graduate student, and also for researcher and engineer for daily practice. To make primary students feel
more comfortable with the development environement, the layout and background of BALI program can be changed by selecting appropriate menu. Several BALI
advanced modules were designed for practice engineer and engineering students.

How to Download

BALI can be downloaded only by member of BALI Programming Community.
To be a member, a person must register its personal data at BALI homepage and transfer registration fee to ESRC.
The registration fees are in BALI Point (BP) as follows :

A. Individual Member                                          

     o Students age <= 12 years           : 10 BP  (Promo 1st month = 5 BP)
     o Students age <= 18 years           : 15 BP  (Promo 1st month = 10 BP)
     o Teachers and Parents                 : 20 BP  (Promo 1st month = 15 BP)
     o Undergraduate students              : 25 BP  (Promo 1st month = 20 BP)
     o Graduate students (S2, S3)         : 30 BP  (Promo 1st month = 25 BP)
     o Lecturers, Researcher                 : 30 BP  (Promo 1st month = 25 BP)
     o HAKI and HATTI members       : 40 BP  (Promo 1st month = 30 BP)
     o Other engineers/associations       : 50 BP  (Promo 1st month = 40 BP)
     o General public                            : 50 BP  (Promo 1st month = 40 BP)

B. Individual Member registered collectively by group from schools, campuses, institutes with special agreement with ESRC:                                         

     o Students age <= 12 years           :   5 BP
     o Students age <= 18 years           : 10 BP
     o Campuses (Students, Lecturers) : 25 BP
     o Other Associations                     : 40 BP

Each BALI Point can be purchased as follows:
     1 BP (BALI Point)  = Rp. 10,000,- (Indonesian Citizen)
     1 BP (BALI Point) = 1 USD           (Other Countries)

A member can transfer more than the required registration fee to get more BALI Points.
The remaining BALI Point will be stored and can be used for purchasing small apps developed by BALI programmer's
Community displayed at BALI App Store.

BALI AppStore

BALI AppStore provides small programs that can be purchased and studied as an example.
A member of BALI Programmer's Community is able to register its own product to be displayed at BALI AppStore.
The creator of the program will determine the price of the app in BALI Point (BP) or it can also be distributed for free.
ESRC will check and evaluate the proposed apps before displayed at BALI AppStore, including its price.
The price of BALI App should be keep low enough to be affordable by most of the community members.
ESRC will add a certain amount of BALI Points to each program's author account after each sale.
ESRC will quote 20% of each sale of the app from BALI AppStore.
At the end of each month, a member of BALI Programmer's Community can withdraw its BP saldo when it has already
reached the minimum of 50 BP. The bank transfer fee will be taken from the amount transferred.


Engineering Software Research Center
Jl. Situ Aksan 29
Bandung 40221
Homepage : www.esrcen.com
E-mail : esrc.nathan@gmail.com

BALI Programmer's Community (BPC)
Homepage : www.baliprog.com
E-mail: esrc.bali@gmail.com
WA : +62-812-2218-3722
IG : esrc.bali
FB : Bali Esrc
YT : esrc.bali

(c) Nathan Madutujuh, ESRC, 2023
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