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Introduction to BALI

BALI is the acronym for Basic Application Language from Indonesia.
BALI is created in 2023 by Dr. Nathan Madutujuh, a well known engineering software development
from Indonesia with 35 years of programming experiences. Dr. Nathan Madutujuh combines all the good features of modern programming languages and the available interactive application development environments to create BALI.

BALI is an interactive application development environment, consisting of code editor, graphical interface editor, run and debug engine. BALI provides many useful objects to speed up software development process.
Using BALI, a person can easily learn how to write a GUI based software in a very short time.


o Interactive Application Development Environment 
o GUI, Visual object based application development
o Visual object can be used directly inside the program
o Event drivent programming
o Easy language syntax
o No need to declare variable (Optional)
o Built-in Timers
o Standard variable types
o Array and Table object type
o Standard control structures
o Complete Math functions
o String functions
o Text file functions
o MIDI object
o Vector and Matrix object
o Graphics module
o Multimedia module
o FEM module


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